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Caz is a creative writer and is part of the commercial production team at South Devon Radio.

She graduated from Plymouth University with a Master’s in Creative Writing.  In her spare time, she loves to read, create abstract fluid art, bake massive New York style cookies, listen to music, and imagine derelict buildings back to life. 


Caz is also a qualified Scuba Diver but refuses to partake in this activity anymore due to her fear of sharks, jellyfish, giant squid, piranha, puffer fish and tentacle-flailing octopus. 


She is very proud of her first novel, a dystopian adventure called ‘The Rattler Field’, and is busy working on her second book.

You can email Caz at studio2 if you are interested in becoming one of our volunteer DJs or if you would like to find out anything about the station, send requests or let us know about an event you are organising.

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